New Governing Council Elected-2014

New Governing Council for the Period August 2014 to July 2016:

Position: Company

President                       - Mr Humphrey Musanshi Kabwe             - Mayfair General Insurance Limited

Vice President                - Mr Chris Chama Kampamba - Alexander Forbes Financial Services Limited

Honorary Secretary         - Mr Felix Bwalya - Consultant

Vice Honorary Secretary  - Mr Austern Chirwa - Nicoinsurance Limited

Honorary Treasurer         - Mrs Lwimba Mwananshiku Phiri - Marsh Zambia Limited

Vice Honorary Treasurer  - Mr Moffat Kauma - Bank of Zambia

Committee Members       - Mr Chabala Lumbwe - Madison General Insurance Company Limited

- Mrs Agnes Nyundu Chakonta - Madison Life Insurance Company Limited

- Mr Margaret Banda Kambobe - Nicoinsurance Company Limited

- Mr Loma Mwansa - Mayfair General Insurance company Limited

Non Elective:

Founder & Immediate Past President- Mr Justine Kabwe - ZSIC Life Limited

- Representative from the Pensions & Insurance Authority (PIA)

- Representatrive from the Insurers Association of Zambia (IAZ)

- Representative from the Insurance Brokers Association of Zambia(IBAZ)

- Representative from the Zambia Association of Pensions Funds (ZAPF)

The Patron                   - Dr Caleb Fundanga                   - Chancellor, University of Lusaka